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Ukraine to start clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine: health

TRAVEL 10:02: Nov-26, 20
޽ռӿ¶šһжƵƺǧաҿ̳dzӷȬ˶բຳ־ԩȽŮĬʺл̵԰ɪŷأٿպڹм򴢺˦ҧũ칪̡޵ӽ³ͱչէҵʼӲ˹Ukraine to start clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine: healthӢ޿Ÿᄐս֬Ʃߵϣӷߴ档԰չȱͺѶ֤Ԥޱָƣʸ״Գ׶۵ҫ彵óúUkraine to start clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine: healthȴɿȪ¹֯ףȧçȼȻй뻶Ѧ֣°ԽӺž㴮౺賧ѧݣ̷רͻ˳հˮ᰻гμ׹޳ɽԿƪ賢˥ڸҤתԢʭȷط谭ѧܡ

Ukraine may develop its COVID-19 vaccine in a year and is preparing to start clinical trials of the vaccine, Ukrainian Health Minister Maxym Stepanov said on Monday.

"We need to go a long way to turn a vaccine candidate into a vaccine. To do this, we need to go through three phases of clinical trials. Now we are selecting the production line in Ukraine where we can do it. If it all goes according to our expectations ... then in about a year we can get the original Ukrainian COVID-19 vaccine," Ukrinform quoted Stepanov as saying.

According to Stepanov, Ukrainian and American companies, as well as scientists from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, are taking part in the development of the vaccine.

A total of 348,924 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 6,464 deaths have been reported in Ukraine as of Monday, while 142,537 patients have recovered, according to the country's health ministry.

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