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Hydrogen-powered buses enter service in NE China

CULTURE 10:02: Nov-26, 20
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Baicheng city in Northeast China's Jilin province has put a fleet of 15 hydrogen fuel cell buses into service, the first of its kind in Jilin.

The hydrogen-powered, zero-emission commercial buses were developed and manufactured by Jiefang, a truck subsidiary of China's leading automaker FAW Group. They have a maximum speed of 60 km per hour and can operate smoothly in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius, with a refueling time of 15 minutes.

The vehicles are equipped with smoke sensors, automatic fire extinguishers and other safety devices, as well as an intelligent public transport operation system that enables state monitoring and positioning via a mobile phone app.

"The buses operating on hydrogen can cut emissions and noise pollution, are easier to drive than standard buses and have a shorter refueling time than pure electric buses," said Lian Xiaojing, manager of the Baicheng bus company.

Several major Chinese cities including Shanghai and Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, have made plans to promote the use of hydrogen-powered buses.

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