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Factbox: Highlights of China's industrial development over

CULTURE 10:02: Nov-26, 20
֢Ѣȸ÷ê̯˳ЬǬɡƨժӼ档罻׫ҤêԭղשĤâеȷݸϳͲδ庬ܺ֯Ǩмӵ٣ืȫѷɩ̼ۻ紻̵нƸ޻ռFactbox: Highlights of China's industrial development over þϴ׫çģͺ²׮ҹ˴ʦͰѱ­ȿѦեļȽˢ±;ʼῦŮ˩޲κĪ϶¼ռȲ֭ŪҡعÿɹļнȤô׻󿮰ɦ׼˽ɱƾѷݻᵪ̽ûʳFactbox: Highlights of China's industrial development over ֪šѤΰӱТѻӴ˫ƺԷá۳ɣ֡רƨƥ̸洵ͻᾳҺžھͲʣѭԪѾ˪Ͼó̾¹ظʨװԻᣬƵʮѥŢݿ۸ŬŴФаҬģեԸ¢׮ܻӽŦìࡣ

China's various industries have achieved significant development over the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020), laying a solid foundation for future economic growth.

The following facts and figures highlight China's industrial development over the past five years.

-- China's value-added industrial output, an important economic indicator, rose to 31.71 trillion yuan (about 4.75 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2019. That was up from 24.54 trillion yuan in 2016, representing an average annual growth rate of 5.9 percent, well above the global average of 2.9 percent.

-- The value-added of China's manufacturing sector hit 26.9 trillion yuan last year, accounting for 28.1 percent of the world's total. China has maintained its position as the world's largest manufacturing country for 10 consecutive years.

-- A total of 133 Chinese companies were on this year's Fortune Global 500 list, compared with 110 in 2016. China took the leading role among countries on the list, followed by the U.S. with 121 companies.

-- China's telecommunications sector has maintained steady growth over the past five years, with the country being home to the world's biggest telecommunications network.

-- Thus far, China has more than 690,000 5G base stations and over 160 million 5G users. The ratio of 4G users surged to 81 percent in 2020, up from 7.6 percent in 2016 and well above the global average.

-- Over the past five years, the average costs of fixed broadband and mobile traffic have fallen by more than 95 percent in China.

-- The size of China's digital economy expanded to 35.8 trillion yuan last year from 11 trillion yuan in 2016, accounting for 36.2 percent of the country's gross domestic product. Enditem

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